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New Business Filings

Newly formed businesses have a variety of needs for products and services. As a vendor, a new business can become a long-term source of income for you. As you know, many new business owners are actively searching for vendors, which means this is the prime time for you purchase a mailing list and send a direct mail piece to them. At, we offer a variety of files, such as new business filings and small business filings, among many more. These filings are also available as weekly or monthly files.

We thrive on keeping your sales teams up to date with our listings, which ultimately helps your business grow. These business sales leads are ideal for companies providing the following services: phone and internet services, alarm systems, merchant processing, pest control, accounting and tax services, office supplies, and many other industries. By choosing to work with us, we guarantee that our database is updated monthly, and we have 90% deliverability rate. If you are looking to increase your response rate, call us now!

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