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A marketing campaign using direct mail lists can be a very powerful business tool! But, it is important to acknowledge that a lot of direct mail is thrown away without a thought. This is usually because it doesn’t interest the receiver. However, when prospects from your direct mail list receive a notice of your product or service when they need it, you will be surprised at the response you get.

Choosing the right direct mail mailing list for your company can be a very frustrating process, no doubt about it. You want to reach the most sales prospects that will be interested in your company and respond, but you don’t want to waste your money on prospects that are going to throw away your direct mail ads.

This is where excels. Our experienced direct mail list marketing experts can help you choose the right direct mailing list by helping you decide what type of consumers or businesses you want to reach. We have many different filters for you to customize your direct mail mailing list, with your choice of free unlimited filters.

The data that we use for our direct mail lists comes from a wide range of sources including: government agencies, newspaper subscriptions, voter registration records, surveys, telephone directories, SEC filings, county courthouse records, postal service information, national change of address, licensing boards, DBAs, and incorporations so your direct mailing list will have the most potential sales leads.

Our direct mailing lists are extremely accurate, because we diversify our lists, in order to make your marketing campaign as cost effective and profitable as possible! We can even help you decide where you want to market your product or service. You can choose by zip code, city, county or state anywhere across the United States. We update our direct mail lists monthly – these incredibly high standards for our direct mailing lists are so you can have the best response rates from YOUR direct mail mailing list.

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