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Need Relevant Lead Lists for Your Business? We Have Them!

Mailing Lists

First, let’s start with some facts:

  • The average company invests $20,000/year, per sales representative
  • US companies lose approximately $600 billion/year in potential sales due to bad data.The average
  • company loses $180,000/year in undelivered direct mail.

Looking at these facts, it is likely that even if you have bought a mailing list from a company that claims to be supplying highly updated lead lists for a cheaper price, you are yet to find accurate details. It’s estimated that around 80% of business and 20% of consumer data changes annually. With no assurance by list providers on the accuracy of data, it’s likely that a cheaper list could turn out to be more costly in the end.

Thus, if we go through the facts again, we come to realize that companies are paying employees to spend their precious time cold calling or referring to old data. They are wasting their resources on direct mails that are undeliverable or have wrong addresses. And, with inaccurate data, companies are losing a big chunk of revenue that they could have made otherwise.

At SalesProspects, quality is our main priority when it comes to supplying mailing lists. We understand that accurate data is the key to success, so we strive to give our best—every time. Here are some of our characteristics:

Experience – We’ve been in business for years, and unlike other fly-by-night data shops, we can assure you of the accuracy of the data we compile.

Quality control – While other data providers continue to use and sell outdated lists, irrespective of the quality, we have built our reputation by verifying our own data on a regular basis.

Service – Our services are customized to our clients’ requirements. We have an excellent staff that specializes in delivering personalized solutions.

Talking of the services, here are the solutions that we provide, all under one roof:

1) New Business Filings

Since a newly established business has a variety of requirements to get started, they are actively looking for vendors. This is perfect for long-term partnerships. Our new business lists can help you target them, if you’re a company that provides services, like alarm systems, internet, accounting and tax services, merchant processing, pest control, etc., you can benefit from a new business list.

2) Consumer Lists

It always makes sense to market your products to people who are genuinely interested in them. We provide highly targeted consumer mailing lists that will secure leads for your products or services and get you a higher ROI for your business.

3) Homeowner Lists

Do you have home insurance packages to sell or other home services? With targeted homeowner lists you can save time on random calling and marketing.

4) Mailing Lists

As the leading provider of business and consumer lists in the industry, we deliver the best lists with the most comprehensive information. We assign personal mail list brokers to every client, who help filter data to offer you the best chances of success.

5) Business Lists

With accurate business lists, you can increase the response to your B2B marketing campaign. You can target your B2B list by industry, employee size, annual sales volume, years in business, or several other filters. We compile our business lists from top reporting agencies for companies worldwide such as Dun & Bradstreet.

6) Mortgage Lists

At SalesProspects, we compile our mortgage lists from mortgage filings in public records, tax assessor records, credit bureaus, and more. With highly targeted mortgage lists, deliverable up to 95%, you can increase your loan pipeline with preapproved sales leads. You can choose filters based on loan amount, rate type, loan type, LTC, FICO range, mortgage origination date, etc.

7) Specialty Lists

In case you’re looking for leads from a specific industry, you can get more specific lists from SalesProspects. With specialty lists, you can increase your sales on your next marketing campaign. The specialty domains we cover are:

  • New Mover
  • New Homeowner
  • New Business
  • Pre-Screened Credit Data
  • Mortgage Trigger Leads UCC Lists

8) Telemarketing Lists

Do you have a limited database for telemarketing? Do you want to reach the masses for your product promotion? Buy telemarketing list services from SalesProspects, and explore the new sales opportunities it can offer.

9) New Homeowner Lists

A new homeowner has several needs when they move to a new house. If you have something to offer new homeowners, make sure your marketing reaches the right people. Our targeted new homeowner mailing lists will increase your customer base and get you improved ROI on your marketing efforts.

10) Residential Mailing lists

Our mailing lists are updated right when we you need them, so that you have access to accurate data to help you get most out of your marketing campaigns. You can filter the mailing list by state, county, city, or zip code, to create your customized mailing list and streamline your advertising.

There are over a dozen filters that you can apply to your lists to make your marketing more effective. Have a look at our filters:

•    Age
•    Gender
•    Date of Birth
•    Income
•    Marital Status
•    Religion
•    Credit Score Range
•    Credit Card User
•    Length of Residence
•    Ethnicity
•    Interests
•    Spanish Surname
•    Children Present
•    Pet Owner
•    Homeowner
•    Loan Type
•    Home Value
•    LTV
•    Loan Origination

You can also submit your request for these lists by applying the above filters, and our sales representative will get back to you with the best solution.

Get in touch with SaleProspects today, and we’ll assign a personal data specialist to you, who will help you customize your list for your business.

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