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You Can’t Make Sales Dialing Wrong Numbers! It’s Time to Get Accurate Telemarketing Lists

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Most of the people you try to reach by phone through cold calling will hang up on you when you try to sell your services, because not every business will be interested in your service. Your failed telemarketing plans will in turn hurt your revenue and profits. In such a scenario, it makes sense to buy highly targeted telemarketing lists to ensure that there is a higher conversion of leads every time your sales team tries to sell your services or products over the phone. But, you can’t always be sure that the telemarketing list that you have purchased is of the highest quality. You may end up calling the same people leading you to no results. However, following these tips can help you ensure that you have a quality list to start your marketing campaign.

VERIFY TELEMARKETING CALL LISTS:  Phones! Whenever you buy a telemarketing call list, make sure you request the full contact names of the phone number owners. After you receive your list, pick random numbers from the middle and make calls to people to verify that the number does in fact exist or work. After 10-20 calls, you should be able to determine if your list is trash or is beneficial. If the provider cannot give you full names of the phone number owners, avoid that vendor right away.

GET THE LIST YOU WANTED:  Make sure your list is an affluent list, meaning that it is not just a list of phone numbers of elderly people. You can check for demographics on your own, which will give you all the details such as income, net worth, age, gender, and other demographic profiles.

TIME IS MONEY:  $99 for a hundred thousand phone numbers! Sounds like a tiny amount for the volume, right? Well, given that some lists are cheaply priced there’s no harm in risking the money, right? Wrong. The time invested in dealing with a useless list can amount to a lot of hours and money wasted. And what’s more is that your phone bill can hurt you further when you look at the output. Also, calls to people not interested in your services might even hamper your brand image.

A SECRET TO TELEMARKETING SUCCESS:  You might feel that you need tens of thousands of phone numbers for your telemarketing campaign. But, the truth is that you only need high quality phone numbers and not just quantity. A thousand highly targeted phone numbers can convert more leads than 100,000 low quality phone numbers.

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MORE FREE NUMBERS:  At times, when you end up with a low quality telemarketing call list, your vendor might lure you with more free numbers as compensation. But the truth is, because of over calling or wrong calling, your number was probably listed as a spam number and more free numbers won’t correct that fact.

Bottom-line, follow the rules above, and get yourself a good calling list for telemarketing. Don’t be scammed by fly-by-night companies. Make the most out of your marketing campaign.

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